Moby Dick Diving Center Lopar


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moby dick diving center

Diving Center Moby Dick in Lopar, island Rab, has a long-year experience and a special attention is given to every guest. In comfortable atmosphere, knowledge and experience is transfered to everyone who is interested. Special attention is given to the safety which is always on the first place.




We’re located on one of the most beautiful adriatic islands – Rab. The island of Rab has rich cultural and historical heritage and it’s recognizable by its four church towers in the old town of Rab. Rab has mild mediterrean climate, long warm summers and mild winters. The island has a lot to offer to all tourists.

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Diving Center Moby Dick is located in a picturesque little place Lopar, cca. 13 km far away from old town core of Rab. Lopar is the most northern place of the island. It’s very famous for its 22 sand beaches, three of them nudistic. Very popular is beach called “Rajska plaza” (“Paradise Beach”), long about 1,5 km. There are auto-camp with 3500 places, “San Marino” hotels with 1100 accommodation places and sport and recreation center near the beach. Lopar offers all kinds of private accommodation; rooms and modernly equipped apartments.

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With ideal nature conditions for many sports, recreation and fun, hospital hosts will offer You: sport fields for football, handball, basketball, volleyball, tennis, tabletennis, mini-golf, bicycling paths, tennis school, diving center, speedboats, jet-skiis… Pleasant terraces and numerous restaurants, disco club and all kinds of recreation are added to possibility of excursions on land or sea.

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You can travel to Rab via car ferry on Stinica – Mišnjak, or in summer months Valbiska (island of Krk) – Lopar.