1: Prvic tunnel

Northern side of the island of Prvic is a true little heaven for divers. Nature has once again showed its beauty and created a tunnel through the island with the entrance on 18 m and exit on 8 m of depth.

Tunnel is 25 m long and has area of 16 square meters. After the tunnel exit, there is a beatiful wall full of gorgonias, sponges, crabs, groopers, and all other kinds of fishes…

This diving location is very impressive, good mood won’t be left out and You will have a smile on Your face for a long time.

2: Goli Macinj

A small island behind island of Goli named Macinj is offering ideal diving spot for all diving categories. Diving location is on the northern part and falls down on all sides which are covered with sea plants.

Diversity of fish species is here guaranteed and it won’t disappoint You.

There is beatifully litted cave on the depth of 12 meters. Also, for those who like depths and photographies, there are groopers always ready for posing.

3: Grgur canyon

Ideal position for imagination refreshment.

From 3 meters to 25 meters on both sides a beautifall wall full of underwater plants and organisms is falling down. Just one view on the canyon and feeling of satisfaction and beauty of nature is guaranteed.

With nature richness and variety of sea animals and plants, this diving location is offering so much that You just have to visit it.

4: Medova buza

This position is very special because it’s one of the rare positions on Adriatic Sea where the ?SREDOZEMNA MEDVJEDICA? was seen.

Entrance is located on 4 meter of depth, which is also the maximum depth. It streches 60 meters into the land. The cave has four rooms (three of them with air, and one is completely underwater).

The last room is rich with stalagmites and stalactites.

And all other is – surprise!!!

5: Prvic silo

On the southern side of island of Prvic a beatiful diving location took place. You can see the richness of corals and gorgonias like rarely on the Adriatic Sea.

The position is in the shape of pyramide and the top is located on the 12 meters of depth and slowly decreasing to the fascinating depths.

Almost everytime You visit this location You will see: gorgonias, sea eels, groopers and all kinds of shells.